A quality grouping of mills to better serve you !

 Indifor inc. markets the optimum production of four sawmills located in the Beauce region of Québec, Canada: Maibec, Busque et Laflamme, Clermond Hamel and NAFP (North American Forest Products). From these sawmills, with their annual combined output of approximately 250 million .fbm our company ships a broad range of high quality products to Canada as well as the United States and Europe.

Clermond Hamel

The Clermond Hamel Mill is located in St-Ephrem-de-Beauce, 100 kilometers south of Quebec-City.

Renowned for the quality of its products, the mill can produce 90 million FBM , including specialties designed principally for niche markets.

The mill’s principal markets cover Canada, the USA and occasionally extends overseas.

Busque et Laflamme

Owned by Clermond Hamel and Bois Indifor, this saw-mill concentrates on the transformation of timber which is dried and planed to varied sizes and lengths.

The annual production is 50 million FBM.

North American Forest Products

Located in St-Quentin in New-Brunswick, this recently reopened saw-mill with a capacity of 50 million FBM .

Enjoying a most enviable reputation since its creation in 1972, this saw-mill makes every effort to assure its loyal existing clientele as well as its future clients of a combination of products and services of great quality at competitive prices.